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Adventure 4

Adventure 4:

As the lightning coursed through the human diner, Berti was the first to act. She quickly screamed for Esma & Eve, Diners to get out as she attempted to cover the human’s backpack with her cloak and stop the lightning. The cloak and the backpack, were quickly destroyed by the powerful magic. The human reached down and pulled out what was later learned to be a Blue Dragon’s tooth, the source of the magical lightning.

Albi thunderwaved the human and the Half-Elf that had disrespected Sea Bees, knocking them both unconscious. Nadir Al’Ganar attempted to freeze the tooth, but was unsuccessful. The lightning jumped from the human to the Half-Elf who was recently complaining about the Safflower oil in his eggs.

Sea-bees attempted to stop the dwarf by hitting her with an iron skillet. While she missed, she splashed oil on the dwarves face. The dwarf quickly ran out of the Tea Kettle.

While the human didn’t move, the Half-Elf stood up, and began walking towards the door as the lightning jumped from him, to the bouquet of flowers that were on the counter, catching Blaizette Freona at the same time.

Albi acrobatically dove over the shambling Half-Elf, grabbed the skillet from Sea-bees and destroyed the bouquet. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the lightning that jumped to Sea-Bees next. She fell to the magical damage, and quickly stood up again. Along with Blaizette, she began walking out of the Tea Kettle, like the Half Elf before her.

Bertie and Nadir realized the lightning flickering on the tooth was following the lightning that was jumping from person to person. As we closed this chapter of our adventure, the lightning jumped again causing the Dwarf flower vendor outside to scream in agony.

Will our adventurers figure out how to stop the lightning?

Will Sea-bees join the ranks of the Undead?

Find out next time, on Faerun Tuesdays!

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