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Adventure 5

Adventure 5

As the screams of the Terelda the flower girl echoed through the Tea Kettle, our adventurers snapped to attention. After being thrown from the building, Callie Tealeaf stood up to find the four victims standing in the center of the road outside of the Tea Kettle, as if awaiting the trigger to enact a dastardly plan. Many bystanders stood along the side of the road, drawn to the explosions and screams. Callie cast sleep on the group, dropping them, and a few unsuspecting children nearby.

A previously unseen ally jumped from the table with the Halflings. Ravyn ran over to the other side of the Tea Kettle, picked up a tablecloth, and snagged the dragon’s tooth before turning to race it outside. He then handed it off to Nadir Al’Ganar who brought it outside just as Buhrell Caah, of the Emerald Enclave flung the Dwarf Diner into the road demanding to know what caused this. While she wouldn’t talk to him, a quick test of her mettle against Nadir’s steely gaze caused her to spill all the information she had. She was hired to pick up the tooth from an ironworker in Waterdeep, who wanted to use the tooth to create magical weapons in his forge. It came from a blue dragon who lives in the Quivering Forest, which might explain why it kept jumping to people who had contact with safflowers. Unfortunately, that information didn’t help the group figure out how to contain the magic.

At that moment, Terelda fell, and the lightning jumped from her to the closest person who had recent contact with safflowers, which was Nadir, with the safflower oiled tablecloth. As the lightning rounded the flower stand, it zapped with an audible POP as it sealed itself within the tooth once again.

The group was happy to hand over the tooth to Buhrell, who nervously concluded that this magical item should be returned to the dragon if possible.

Madame Freona then stormed out of the Tea Kettle to berate the adventurers for messing up her tavern. She was more frustrated than angry, having just replaced the wall that Callie flew through last week . . . Callie and Sea Bees happily paid her for the damages and offered to host a benefit concert to raise additional money for the Tea Kettle.

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