Faerun Tuesdays

Faerun Tuesdays: Adventure 2

Adventure 2:

The bandit leader gave you one last chance to turn over the red dragon egg, but Callie refused. The bandits in the hayloft aimed at the party, but you jumped into action before they had a chance to act!

After Bertie hit the bandit leader and his half-orc thug with a thunderwave, Callie put the leader and a bandit in the hayloft to sleep. Lavinia targeted the Half-Orc with crossbow bolts.

The Half-Orc went after Nadir, the biggest target, as soon as he had a chance to act, quickly catching her off guard and knocking her unconscious. Sea Bees quickly healed Nadir as she ducked under cover from the bandits above. As Nadir got up, Albi snuck up to the front door and threatened the bandits by putting a dagger to their sleeping leader’s throat. The Half-Orc never got a chance to respond as Bertie sliced at his hamstring with her rapier, and Lavinia finished the job with a crossbow bolt to the throat.

The bandits in the loft made a hasty retreat as the group tied up the leader and his bandit. The leader was revealed to be Orl, and his underling Tarn. Orl & his band were hired by Korloff, of the Dragoncult. The group was able to find out that Korloff was hiding out in an abbey to the north of Phlan. After laughing at Orl for the mistakes of his parents, the group had to decide what to do with him and his underling.

While Nadir wanted to kill the captives, morality won and the group left them tied up in the barn. The group left the barn intact as they started back towards the Tea Kettle. . .

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