Faerun Tuesdays

Faerun Tuesdays: Adventure 3

Adventure 3:

After leaving Orl in the Barn, and conspicuously losing 2 members that wanted to either burn the barn, or murder Orl, Callie, SeaBees, and Albi headed back to the town of Phlan. They arrived at sunrise, as the town was starting it’s day.

A Dwarf flower vendor by the name of Terelda stopped them to sell them some flowers. SeaBees graciously purchased a bouquet. After some exchange rate issues, the group headed into the Tea Kettle. The establishment was bustling in the early morning hours, but Chaz was sitting at the same booth, patiently waiting. While walking over to him, the group (or more specifically Albi, was distracted by a small fox hiding under a table. Her master, Surrek apologized & shushed Fuzzball the fox under the table. Albi provided Surrek a handkerchief due to the fact that she was very dirty. While she was offended at first, after she saw how much dirt she was able to wash off her face, she thanked the group and they proceeded to Chaz.

After making sure the group was able to tag the Elf Merchant, Chaz presented his coin (100GP per character). Worried that Chaz might be evil, SeaBees used slight of hand to swipe the coins while at the same time giving him the dragon egg. This is not a very trusting group.

Chaz appraised the egg and informed the group that it was a fake, but he expected as much. The group informed him about the rumors of Korloff, which lined up with previous rumors he’d heard. He headed off to inform the Harpers about the development, and said he would return to the Tea Kettle if he needed the group to look into Korloff sooner.

As soon as Chaz left, a Half-Orc sat down at the table. Buhrell Caah informed the group that everyone in the Tea Kettle was in danger. There was a potentially devastating magical device within the establishment, and he needed their help to find it. The group quickly split up to talk to the different tables.

Callie first stopped at Esma & Eve’s table. Esma & Eve were laughing and enjoying their people watching, their favorite way to spend the morning. Callie played them some viola tunes while they did what they do best: gossip. They informed Callie about multiple patrons, and which ones seemed suspicious.

Albie talked to Surrek again. While Surrek was telling her all about her time in the quivering woods (don’t worry- i’ll wait), Albie tipped her off to the fact that she was in danger. Surrek quickly left, with fuzzball in tow.

SeaBees walked over to the table with the Half-Elf Diner, and was immediately screamed at over his greasy eggs that were covered in Safflower oil, the same flower that SeaBees had in her bouquet! Blaizette Freona, one of Madame Freyona’s daughters came over to calm him down, but SeaBees handed her the bouquet and volunteered to talk to the chef.

Callie walked over to the table with the Human & the Dwarf & attempted to get information from them. Both of them tried to tell her they were having a private conversation, but she was insistent. As the Human stood up to say something to Callie, something shattered under the table, and he was surrounded by blue lighting. . .

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